4 Winter Skincare Tips For Men

4 Winter Skincare Tips For Men

We are now in the thick of winter here in the UK and January has gotten off to an icy start. Winter brings with it a range of challenges, such as the need to defrost your car and take better care of your skin. While we can’t defrost your car for you, we did want to share these skincare tips and tricks that will help you fight against dry and damaged skin this winter… 

Combat Dry Skin 

It’s good practice to moisturise your skin year round to help keep it hydrated and healthy and it is even more imperative during winter. Cold air holds less moisture than warm air, making your skin drier. If dry skin is left untreated it can even become cracked and dehydrated. To combat this we recommend liberally applying moisturiser to your face both morning and night and throughout the day if your skin is particularly parched. Our Natural Moisture Cream is packed full of enriching ingredients such as shea butter and cocoa butter which allow skin to retain moisture and gain immediate relief from dry skin. It also contains aloe vera to promote blood circulation and can aid in the repair of skin damage. Don’t forget to also hydrate from the inside out by drinking lots of water. 

Create A Smoother Shave 

No matter how good your technique is, shaving can irritate your skin. This risk is particularly heightened during the winter months when skin is already more vulnerable due to the dry and cold weather conditions. One way to mitigate against irritation is by using a Shaving Cream. Create a rich and creamy lather using warm water and a shaving brush. It is important to use warm, not hot water on your skin during winter as this can further dry out your skin. Once applied to the skin the cream produces a protective cushion which prevents razor burn, nicks and ingrown hairs. Using  Shaving Cream during every shave is also an Ideal solution for anyone suffering with very sensitive skin.


Soften Your Facial Hair 

It’s not only our skin that can be dried out by the colder air, the lack of humidity also dehydrates hair leaving it dry and brittle. If you are choosing to sport a beard during winter you may notice that your hair is lacking its usual lustre. If this is the case we would recommend massaging some Pre Shave Oil into your beard. This hero product is jam packed with 100% natural oils including kernal, alba seed & zizanoides root oil to ensure your facial hair is softened. To apply simply massage 3 drops of oil onto face and neck after washing your face. 

Exfoliate Dead Skin 

If you are already suffering from dry skin you may feel like exfoliating is the last thing you should be doing this winter. However, exfoliating helps to replenish your skin and remove any dead skin cells. Applying moisturiser to the skin straight after exfoliating also leads to greater absorption. Our Face Scrub is made using fairtrade coffee and has a fresh mint scent. Crafted using natural oats to exfoliate and coconut oil which cleanses and moisturis

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