Father’s Day Gift Guide | Gift Ideas Under £50

Father’s Day Gift Guide | Gift Ideas Under £50

It’s that time of the year again, Father’s Day has crept up on us and will be taking place on Sunday 18th June 2023. With just over a week left to source the perfect gift for the male figure in your life, we have taken out the guesswork and have rounded up the best gifts each for under £50. Meaning you can ensure your dad will love (and actually use) what you get him and it won’t break the bank for you either… 

Gift Idea One: 1932 White Stainless Steel Safety Razor

Our sustainable razors are simple to use and provide a cleaner shave with less irritation compared to disposable plastic razors. This is the perfect gift for any man that cares about his environmental impact and also enjoys a more luxurious shaving experience. Each safety razor comes with one pack of blades and they are available to purchase in either white or gunmetal stainless steel. Although they may look daunting to use, in reality, they couldn’t be more easy, simply start by unscrewing the handle from the two-part head and insert the blade. Reattach securely. For a smoother shave, we would highly recommend prepping the skin using our Pre Shave Oil which helps to soften facial hair and Shave Cream which helps to create a lather for a comfortable, close shave. Then simply hold the razor at a 30 degree angle to the skin but do not apply pressure and shave in the direction of hair growth for a clean, smooth result. 

Price: £19.95

You can shop the Safety Razors here

Gift Idea Two: Natural Skincare Gift Set - Cleanse, Moisturise, Made in Devon


Although maintaining a regular skincare routine is important the whole year round it is particularly vital during summer when our skin can be prone to dryness and irritation. Treat your Father to a skincare gift set that includes our two best-selling skincare staples to ensure he has his best skin ever this summer. This gift set includes our natural, solid Face Wash that contains charcoal to extract impurities from the skin. This soap bar is really simple to use, simply hold the Face Wash under warm running water to create a lather, it can then be applied directly to the face using circular motions. It can also be packed in a soap box which is great when travelling or going to the gym. Then finish up with our vegan Moisture Cream that contains a range of nourishing ingredients such as shea butter and cocoa butter which help the skin to retain moisture and provide immediate relief from dryness. We recommend applying the Moisture Cream directly to the face after cleansing to help restore hydration and moisture. You don’t need to worry if these products will work for your dad's skin type as they are suitable for all skin types and can be used as part of a daily skincare routine. 

Price: £21.95

You can shop the Natural Skincare Giftset here

Gift Idea Three: 1932 Cologne

This is the perfect gift for any man that considers himself a bit of a fragrance connoisseur. If you’ve already brought your dad every scent from the high street over the years and are looking for something a little different then our signature '1932' 50ml cologne could be the perfect choice. This distinct fragrance contains notes of Bergamot, Oakmoss & Vanilla. It is a sophisticated scent and to get the most out of it we recommend spraying this cologne onto heat points of the skin: neck, wrist and chest. Allow the scent to naturally dry rather than rubbing it into the skin to let the key notes of Bergamot, Oakmoss and Vanilla radiate from all day. As with all of our products, we are proud that our 1932 Cologne has been made responsibly in the UK. 

Price: £44.95

You can shop the 1932 Cologne here



Gift Idea Four: Natural Beard Gift Set

If your dad is currently rocking a beard then this may be the perfect gift set for him! This beard gift set includes two staple products to help keep beards tamed and looking their best. Firstly it includes our Beard Wash which has been formulated specifically for beards and helps to maintain the natural PH balance of the skin underneath the beard, which differs from the scalp. We recommend using the Beard Wash daily by massaging wet beard hair with circular motions before rinsing, this will help to keep the beard clean. The second hero product included in the gift set is our signature Beard Balm which is a great styling product and can be used to tame unruly beards and can help to condition hair. Although it may sound like a niche product to use the Beard Balm is actually really easy to work with, use it as you would a hair styling product by applying it directly to the beard to create the desired finished look.

Price: £18.95

You can shop the Natural Beard Gift Set here

Gift Idea Five: Youngmans 1932 Gift Voucher 

If your dad is super fussy or if he truly is the guy that has everything then why not opt for a safe bet and let him decide what he wants with a Youngmans 1932 gift voucher? Our gift vouchers are available in either £25 or £50 and can be used on any service in our Oxford based stores. So whether he wants to treat himself to a stylish new hairdo or be pampered with a luxurious shave he can use this voucher to take some well deserved R&R time and come back feeling refreshed and like a new man. 

Price: £25 or £50

You can shop the Gift Vouchers here. 

Gift Idea Six: Luxury Natural Skincare Gift Set

If your dad is pretty clued up when it comes to skincare and enjoys taking the time out of his day to ensure that his skin is well cared for and looking its best then this skincare gift set which includes all of our skincare best sellers may be the perfect choice. It is jam packed with all of our easy to use yet effective favourites including our natural solid Face Soap which helps cleanse and detoxify the face and our nourishing aloe vera infused Moisture Cream which works to plump and hydrate the skin. For best results, we recommend using the Face Soap and Moisture Cream daily to help maintain cleansed and hydrated skin. Then for days when he wants to enjoy a more elaborate skincare routine he can use our coffee Face Scrub which gently exfoliates the skin and works best when used twice a week by simply rubbing it over your forehead and nose to help unblock pores and combat impurities. Finally for a spa like experience use the matcha, seaweed and chia seed Face Mask which can be applied to the t zone once a week to help balance, nourish and hydrate the skin. 

Price: £42.95

You can shop the Luxury Natural Skincare Giftset here. 

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