Fine Hair Care For Men: 5 Tips and Tricks from Professional Barbers

Fine Hair Care For Men: 5 Tips and Tricks from Professional Barbers

Everyone has different hair types and textures but in our barbershops one of the most common concerns men raise is how to manage fine hair to make it appear as healthy and thick as possible. While it’s important to love and accept the hair you have there are some things you can try to ensure your hair is as thick as can be. In this blog post we’ve put together our five best tips and tricks to help you care for fine hair…


Focus on hair health 

A question we are often asked in our barbershops is ‘how often should I wash my hair’ while the answer to this question can vary depending on the person there are some rules we recommend sticking by if you have fine hair. First, let us explain the science behind it… our scalps create sebum which is a natural oil that is produced to help keep our skin moisturised. Although this a healthy function, when the sebum is left for too long it can cause build up on the scalp and can hinder healthy hair growth and potentially even cause hair loss. This build up of sebum can also result in hair looking greasy, which causes the hair strands to clump together and can create the appearance of more gaps in the hair. One way to combat this is by washing the hair regularly, we recommend 3 times per week, as this helps to remove the natural oils and restore hair to its healthy best. We recommend using a shampoo made with natural ingredients as this is kinder to both the scalp and the hair. Our Hair Shampoo is made with saponified olive oil, coconut oil and french green clay. These key ingredients will help the hair and scalp stay hydrated, and healthy and cleanse hair of excess oils without stripping moisture.

Add volume to the root 

One way to quickly make fine hair appear thicker is by applying volume to the root to give hair a more lifted appearance. A quick and easy way to achieve this is by applying Texture Dust directly to the root of the hair while the hair is dry. Simply sprinkle a little dust on the roots of your hair and then use your fingertips or a wide toothcomb to rub the product in. This mattifying dust also helps to absorb excess oil, which can help hair to avoid becoming greasy and weighed down. For finer hair, you can even apply the texture dust to the lengths of your hair too. 


Don’t weigh your hair down

When you are wanting to make your hair appear thicker it can feel tempting to throw a load of product on it to try and at least create the illusion that the hair is thicker than it is. However, hair styling products can often be heavy and can actually have the negative effect of weighing the hair down and making it appear flatter and less voluminous. If you do feel inclined to use a styling product we recommend using something lightweight such as the Natural Finish Hair Cream. This water based product is perfect for anyone with fine mid to long length hair as it will create a llift while still allowing for natural movement. 

Reduce stress 

You may be thinking what has stress got to do with how thick my hair is, but the latest scientific studies indicate the two are closely linked. Stress can cause hair follicles to enter into a resting phase meaning they are more likely to fall out. It can also impair the natural process of hair growth, resulting in fewer new hairs growing. There are many ways in which we can reduce stress in our lives. One great solution is finding a physical activity you enjoy and do more of that, whether rowing, basketball, running, swimming, table tennis or bowling. Getting active helps to reduce stress hormones like cortisol while releasing feel good chemicals such as endorphins. A few other ways to reduce stress include meditation, breathwork, journalling or connecting with others. 

Create texture 

You may be working on reducing your stress levels and improving your hair health as a long-term solution to combating fine hair, but for now you might also looking for a quick fix. We get it, in our fast-paced society we are all on the lookout for quick wins and we have just the product to help you with that. Sea Salt Spray has a host of benefits, particularly for fine hair types. It works directly with the hair fibres and helps to plump and expand them to give the illusion of thickness. It can also add texture and volume to the hair, without weighing it down. To use simply spray it onto wet or dry hair. Either, leave to dry naturally to enhance your hair’s natural shape or blow dry to control the texture and volume.

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