Men’s Hair and Grooming Festival Must Haves 2023

Men’s Hair and Grooming Festival Must Haves 2023


For many men one of the best parts about a British summer is standing in a field, sipping beer, and listening to live music with your mates. It’s official, festival season is here. Although it’s easy to have a good time at a festival, it is not always so easy to keep yourself looking your best, what with muddy fields, portable showers and beer being thrown into the crowd. Here at Youngmans, we want you to enjoy the festival season to the max by looking and feeling your best. To help you out we have put together this simple guide of all of the festival grooming essentials we recommend you pack to have your freshest festival season yet!... 

Travel face wash 

While traditional liquid formation face washes are okay to use at home, trying to carry them in your festival luggage without them leaking can be a difficult task. We recommend switching to a soap bar style Face Wash which also has the benefit of being more eco friendly as it is plastic free. It’s easy to use, just simply lather the bar up in your hands with a splash of water and apply it directly to your face. Our patchouli and orange scented soap bar is also made with all natural ingredients so is not only good for the environment but also good for your skin. It also contains charcoal to extract impurities from the skin (including any festival mud). Our best selling Face Wash also comes in a travel size making it even easier to store in your luggage. 

Travel hair wash 

Trying to tackle the portable showers is never one of the funest activities at a festival, but to make it as stress free as possible we recommend packing a soap bar Shampoo. Our handmade Hair Shampoo is packed with all natural ingredients that help your hair and scalp to stay hydrated, healthy (even if your hair does get covered in beer!). Our best selling Hair Shampoo also comes in a travel sized, perfect for popping into your wash bag. 

Travel clay 

While doing your full hair styling routine may feel a bit ambitious at a festival you can give your hair a quick pick me up with some hair styling clay. Our Casual Clay creates a strong hold which will last all day, even if you are dancing around in a mosh pit! It creates an effortless casual matte natural looking finish. The best part is you can apply the product directly to dry hair by simply warming a small amount of clay into the palm of your hand and applying it evenly to dry hair. Style as you please, always starting from the back of your head. It also comes in a travel size making it even more festival friendly. 


In our typical unpredictable British summer weather, our skin can often be subject to wind, rain, sun and humidity all within the same day. Therefore it is vital that you help to protect your skin to prevent it from becoming irritated or dehydrated. Cue our hero product the Natural Moisture Cream. This all in one product is packed with natural vegan ingredients such as cocoa and shea butter which allow your skin to retain moisture and provide immediate relief from dry skin. Perfect if your skin has become a bit weathered from all that partying! 


Although it’s not the most glamorous product to pack, SPF will help to protect your skin and prevent sun damage. Although the British sun can be unpredictable at best, it is always good practice to wear a minimum of SPF 30 on your face every day to combat sunburn, skin cancer and premature ageing. 

Tote bag 

Although a tote bag isn’t a grooming routine essential, it is a festival packing essential. It allows you to carry your beers, grooming products and anything else you might need from your tent to the arena! Don’t forget to pack yours. 

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