The best haircuts and styling tips for receding hair

The best haircuts and styling tips for receding hair

Although it can be a sensitive subject, hair loss affects many people. Statistics show that 70% of men will be affected by hair loss and thinning by the time they are 70. If you’re suffering from hair loss, it is recommended to seek advice from a professional to determine the underlying cause to enable you to receive the most effective treatment. As barber's clients regularly ask us which haircuts and styling tricks are best to use on receding hairlines, so we have put together this guide for you to help debunk these questions… 


If you’re feeling self-conscious about your hair loss and want to find the best haircut for your specific concerns we highly recommend booking an appointment with a professional barber. If you are experiencing partial hair loss, a high fade intentionally shaves the sides leaving the hair on top to style as desired. The short back and sides also help to create the illusion that there is more hair on top. If your hair loss is more advanced you may wish to consider either a buzz cut or taking the plunge and going bald. For recommendations on how to care for a shaved head at home, read our informative blog post here.

Make your beard the main event 

One way that many men deal with a receding hairline is by growing out a beard and making it a feature part of their appearance. It is important if you do grow out a beard to take the time to groom and care for it. We recommend washing it daily using our Beard Wash which is formulated to maintain the natural PH balance of skin underneath the beard, which differs from the scalp. This plastic free shampoo contains essential oils and charcoal powder to gently cleanse the beard. You can then style your beard using either our natural and plastic-free Beard Balm or hydrating Beard Moisturiser. 

Use dry textured products 

If your hair is thinning then we wouldn’t typically recommend slicking the hair back with a water based pomade as this can cause the hairs to appear clumped together and sparse in places. Instead, opt for dry styling products that can help to create the illusion of denser and thicker hair. Our Sea Salt Spray helps you to achieve a natural, textured, matte look. Spray onto wet or dry hair. Either, leave to dry naturally to enhance your hair’s natural shape or blow dry to control texture and volume. Alternatively, use our Texture Dust, this fine dry styling powder adds volume and texture with a matte effect.

Reduce your stress 

Conditions such as male pattern baldness can be caused by several factors such as genes and hormones but stress and nutritional deficiencies can also play a part. It is recommended that you eat extra protein and aim to eat a balanced diet including fruits and vegetables. You can also look to find ways to manage your stress by exercising, meditating, spending time with loved ones or getting out in nature. 

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