Top 4 Mens Hairstyle Trends To Try in 2023

Top 4 Mens Hairstyle Trends To Try in 2023

Some mens hairstyles seem to stand the test of time whereas others gain popularity for a certain period, only to then be eclipsed by a new style. While it never hurts to stick to the safety of a classic hairstyle it can also be really fun to experiment with your look and try out a trending hairstyle. It’s not just hairstyles that are affected by trends, facial hair is no different. For example, in the noughties ‘designer stubble’ was all the rage, a trend which saw men growing out their stubble in a deliberate way to create a rugged masculine appearance. Fast forward to the 2010 era when full beards had their moment in the spotlight and many men sported full lumberjack style beards. Nowadays a hybrid of these two extremes seems to be the most sought after look. So whether you want to rebrand in 2023 or you’re just looking to switch it up a little, here are the most popular hairstyle trends of 2023… 

The Mullet

First popularised in the 1980’s the mullet is back and with a bang. This distinct hairstyle involves the hair being cut shorter at the front, top and sides, but remaining longer at the back. After lockdown barbershops were flooded with men who hadn’t cut their hair for months or even years. So as not to lose their new found length mullets gained popularity as a solution. During the beginning of 2023 we have noticed that a messy “trashy mullet” has been the most popular choice, largely due to the fact its relatively low maintenance. We predict that this trend is going to be sticking around for a while and we predict in the future it may become more refined and detailed. To style your mullet we recommend spritzing damp hair with Hair Tonic to help add nutrients and moisture and prep your hair for styling products. Then once the hair is dry, warm up a small amount of Casual Clay in the palm of your hands and apply evenly starting from the back of your head to create a defined, matte, textured finish that looks effortless. 

Hair by Rory


The Crop

The crop is a short textured hairstyle that features a blunt fringe and shorter sides that are often faded. The good news is the crop will always be in, so if you are looking for something that will still look as cool five years from now then this would be the style to go for. At the moment the crop styles people are loving are all about texture, with many opting for a tapered fade for the sides. We predict that as we roll into the summer months the desire for a harsh clipper cut may be replaced by a softer George Clooney style crop. To help you create that tousled textured look we recommend applying Sea Salt Spray to the top of your crop hairstyle. This water based spray creates a textured matte look finish and can be applied to wet hair and left to dry naturally to enhance your hair’s natural shape, or blow dry to create a more exaggerated voluminous finish. If you are looking for a product that will result in a more healthy sheen we would recommend using the Natural Finish Hair Cream. This water based product can be warmed up in the palm of your hand and applied evenly to dry hair to create a finish that is between a matte and wet look.

Hair by Rory


The Side Part 

As the name would suggest the side part is a men's hairstyle where the sides are tapered and the top is left longer allowing you to part the hair on one side. Although the side part always remains a popular choice you can switch it up with different lengths and variations. Fashion catwalks are debuting side part styles that are high polish in finish so we can expect to see this trickling into the mainstream very soon. To get ahead of the curve you can create a high polish finish side part now using Classic Pomade. This water soluble product creates a classic wet look. To apply simply warm a small amount of pomade into the palm of your hands and apply evenly to dry hair. Style as you please, always starting from the back of your head and set with hairspray. 


The Bowl

Although the notion of a bowl cut can instil fear in some men as they reminisce back to the bowl style their mum forced them to have in the 90s, there is no denying this controversial style is having a comeback. Typically the bowl cut is a style where the fringe is kept straight and the rest of the hair on the top is cut to the same length. However, there have been more modern variations of this style, think the “Bieber sweep”. We predict that as 2023 unfolds a more grungy style of the bowl cut will take centre stage focusing on a more square silhouette and sharper lines. This style works particularly well with curly style hair and could be styled using Natural Finish Hair Cream and a diffuser to help define curls. 

Let us know in the comments which of these styles you will be rocking in 2023. 

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